Cam’s Tarot Reader Pro Tips: Tip #1

The first in a series of short posts outlining some of the tips that I have found most helpful to me as a professional tarot reader.


Cam’s Tarot Reader Pro Tips: Tip #1 Batch Your Client Readings

“Batch your client readings” means do several client readings in a row, as opposed to one-a-day or several in a day with large time gaps in between.

The reason I recommend this method is that in my own experience, when I do several readings in a row, I feel more in the flow. There is a type of intuitive cumulative effect that occurs when I do one reading right after another (with short breaks in between usually, but not so long that I get “out of the flow.”). It feels like a sort of psychic momentum is created and the messages come more easily and more clearly.

When I first started reading tarot I would do one reading a day and just when I really started to get “in the zone” I would have finished the reading and I would be done. It was a frustrating feeling. That’s when I started batching my readings and I found it much more effective and efficient, I felt like my readings were of higher quality, I enjoyed dong them more, and I definitely felt like my intuition was working better.

There is one important caveat to this advice, you still need to keep tabs on how many readings you can do at one go and make sure not to overdo it. While batching client readings allows me to tap into the flow of my intuition better, I can still only do about three full-length readings at a shot before I start to get tired. You may be able to do more or less, but however many you can do or chose to do, you need to make sure that number is within your capability.

Did you find this tip helpful? Do you complete your client readings several in a row or one at a time? I would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment. I would also love to know if you enjoy the idea of this series and would like to see more Pro Tip posts in the future.

Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚
– Cameron


2 thoughts on “Cam’s Tarot Reader Pro Tips: Tip #1

  1. Yeah, I find it’s the same for me. My family schedule is really crazy right now and it’s very difficult for me to schedule live readings, so I do all my Tarot readings as MP3 audio recordings and deliver them by email within 24 hours. This lets me do exactly what you say – complete them back-to-back in a single batch – instead of doing them onsey twosey. It’s much more efficient and does keep me “in the zone.”


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